C.Y Gabriel Kojic Soap - Skin Lightening Soap

C.Y Gabriel Kojic Soap - SGabriel Kojic Soap with GLUTATHIONE contains Kojic All Natural Acid with Glutathione which are widely known as effective skin whiteners, anto-oxidant and moisturizers.
Regular use of C.Y GABRIEL Kojic soap with Glutathione makes your skin whiter, fresher and younger looking.
Apply and wait for 3 minutes then rinse off.

About Us

Clique Kenya have products that offer the experience and benefits of pure, natural ingredients which help nurture and nourish your natural beauty.


We believe that there is nothing quite as radiant as natural beauty. Our mission is to help you discover and connect with your natural selves, thereby unlocking your real beauty. Clique Kenya is committed to offering the goodness of pure and natural ingredients to nurture and nourish your natural beauty.


Clique Kenya is an organisation, well established in the Personal Care industry, and extremely passionate about the range of products we bring to our consumers. We are proud to be recognized for our excellence in product development, and our firm commitment to bringing superior quality products to our consumers and the rewards and recognition’s that we have received over the years, from our customers as well as national institutions, are a testament to that commitment.

What they say about Kojic Soap...

Wonderful Effects

Kojic Soap is Effective in Diminishing

  • Dark spots
  • Pimples
  • Freckles
  • Dry and dull skin
  • Acne

Kojic - Professional Skin Lightening Soaps
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